Speech to text in Google Docs (Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, or in any Indian Languages)

This is a step by step tutorial for how to speech to text type in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati or any Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu, etc. This is far accurate and reliable for non-mainstream languages like English than any other app or solution.

Once you created a new document inside Google drive, you can follow the steps below to start typing by talking. (“speech to text”). You need to use the latest version of Chrome and signed into Google.

These steps will tell you how to Tamil (or any language) typing in your computer (PC, Mac) with an Internet connection and Chrome installed. This is far better and accurate than other apps for Microsoft Word, etc.

Step 1: Go to “Tools” and select “Voice Typing”

Step 2: The default language is set to English, you can change by clicking the small drop down arrow

Step 3: Select your language from the list (here for example I chose Tamil)

Step 4: Click the “mic” icon again after selecting your language. It will turn to ‘red’ which means it is listening

Step 5: Now, you can talk, this will be converted to text on the document lively.

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