Web Technology Syllabus & Book List

Unit 1: Introduction to` VBScript – Adding VBScript Code to an HTML Page –   VB Script Basics – VBScript Data Types – VBScript Variables –  VBScript Constants –  VBScript Operators – mathematical- comparison-logical – Using Conditional Statements –  Looping Through Code –  VBScript Procedures – type casting variables – math functions –date functions – string functions –other functions – VBScript Coding Conventions –  Dictionary Object in VBScript –   Err Object
Unit-2: Introduction to Javascript – Advantages of Javascript – Javascript syntax – Data type –Variable  – Array – Operator & Expression – Looping – control structures – Constructor Function – user defined function Dialog Box .
Unit 3:  Javascript document object model – Introduction – Object in HTML – Event Handling – Window object – Document object – Browser object – Form object – Navigator object – Screen object – Build in object – User defined object – Cookies.
Unit-4: ASP.NET Language Structure – Page Structure – Page event , Properties & Compiler Directives . HTML server controls – Anchor, Tables, Forms, Files . Basic Web server Controls – Label, Text box, Button, Image Links, Check & radio Button, Hyperlink, Data List Web Server Controls – Check box list. Radio button list, Drop down list, List box, Data grid, Repeater.
Unit-5:  Request and Response Objects, Cookies, Working with Data – OLEDB connection class, command class, transaction class, data adaptor class, data set class. Advanced issues – email, Application issues, working with IIS and page Directives, error handling. Security – Authentication, IP Address, Secure by SSL & Client Certificates

1.Recommended Texts

  1. I.Bayross, 2000, Web Enable Commercial Application Development Using HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Perl CGI, BPB Publications.
  2. A.Russell Jones, Mastering Active Server Pages 3, BPB Publications.

2. Reference Books

  1. Hathleen Kalata, Internet Programming with VBScript and JavaScript, Thomson Learning
  2. Mike McGrath, XML Harness the Power of XML in easy steps, Dreamtech Publications
  3. T.A. Powell, 2002,Complete Reference HTML , TMH.
  4. J.Jaworski, 1999, Mastering Javascript, BPB Publications.

For Notes click here -> Web Technology – (VBScript, ASP) – Full Notes – Unit 1 to 5


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