Python Lab Syllabus and Manual

List of Lab Programs

  1. Program to convert the given temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa
    depending upon user’s choice.
  2. Program to calculate total marks, percentage and grade of a student. Marks obtained
    in each of the five subjects are to be input by user. Assign grades according to the
    following criteria:
    Grade A: Percentage >=80 Grade B: Percentage >=70 and <80 Grade C: Percentage >=60 and <70 Grade D: Percentage >=40 and <60
    Grade E: Percentage <40
  3. Program, to find the area of rectangle, square, circle and triangle by accepting suitable
    input parameters from user.
  4. Program to display the first n terms of Fibonacci series.
  5. Program to find factorial of the given number using recursive function.
  6. Write a Python program to count the number of even and odd numbers from array of
    N numbers.
  7. Python function that accepts a string and calculate the number of upper case letters
    and lower case letters.
  8. Python program to reverse a given string and check whether the give string is
    palindrome or not.
  9. Write a program to find sum of all items in a dictionary.
  10. Write a Python program to construct the following pattern, using a nested loop
    1. 1
    2. 22
    3. 333
    4. 4444
    5. 55555
    6. 666666
    7. 7777777
    8. 88888888
    9. 999999999
  11. Read a file content and copy only the contents at odd lines into a new file.
  12. Create a Turtle graphics window with a specific size.
  13. Write a Python program for Towers of Hanoi using recursion
  14. Create a menu-driven Python program with a dictionary for words and their meanings.
  15. Devise a Python program to implement the Hangman Game.


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