Shortest Job First (Scheduling) Algorithm

ALGORITHM:Step 1: Inside the structure declare the variables.Step 2: Declare the variable i,j as integer,totwtime and totttime is equal to zero.Step 3: Get the value of ā€žnā€Ÿ assign pid as I and get the value of p[i].btime.Step 4: Assign p[0] wtime as zero and tot time as btime and inside the loop calculate wait timeand … Read more

Operating Systems – R2021 Syllabus

Link to download Operating Systems Syllabus – BCE-CSC10 UNIT – I Introduction: Views – Types of System – OS Structure ā€“ Operations – Services ā€“ Interface- System Calls-System Structure – System Design and Implementation. Process Management: Process – Process Scheduling – Inter-process Communication. CPU Scheduling: CPU Schedulers – Scheduling Criteria –Scheduling Algorithms.UNIT – IIProcess Synchronization: … Read more