Subject: Python Lab Programs

  • Finding Area of Rectangle, Square, Circle and Triangle – Python Lab Program

    FORMULA USED:Area of triangle=1/2breadthheight Area of the Square=lengthlength Area of the rectangle=widthheight Area of the circle=πradiusradius ALGORITHM Step 1: Start the program.Step 2: Get the height and breadth of the triangle.Step 3: Calculate area of triangle using the formula. Area of triangle=1/2breadthheightStep 4: Get the length of the square.Step 5: Calculate area of the square…

  • Student Mark Processing – Python Lab Program

    Simple program to get 5 different marks from the user and then calculates total marks percentage grade based on the percentage and prints them out.

  • Temperature Conversion – Python Lab Program

    This program gets the choice of the user whether to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius or Celsius to Fahrenheit then uses IF and ELIF (header) to run the corresponding conversion code within the blocks (suite) this program also includes an ELSE section to run when an invalid choice is given. Note: ch=ch.upper() converts the value…

  • Python Lab Syllabus and Manual

    List of Lab Programs Program to convert the given temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versadepending upon user’s choice. Program to calculate total marks, percentage and grade of a student. Marks obtainedin each of the five subjects are to be input by user. Assign grades according to thefollowing criteria:Grade A: Percentage >=80 Grade B:…

  • Simple File Operation Program in Python

    This is a simple python program to Read content from a text file Print the content Write the content to another text file

  • (Simple) Dictionary Program in Python

    This is a “reduced” lab experiment program to test and understand “Dictionary” Concept in python language. This version of program is short and easy and focuses only on the dictionary concept in python.