Web Technology – (VBScript, ASP, JavaScript) – List of Lab Exercise (as per syllabus)

VB SCRIPT based Programs

  1. Write a program outputs the squares, roots, cubes and complements of integers between 1 and 100.
  2. Create a calculator.
  3. Write a script to Sort numbers and strings
  4. Create a program to generate a hit counter
  5. Create a program to verify whether email address provided by user is valid or invalid.
  6. Write a program to scroll the text on status bar.
  7. The form consists of two multiple choice list and one single choice list
    a. the first multiple choice list display the major dishes available.
    b. the second Multiple choice list display the stocks available.
    c. The single choice list display the miscellaneous (Milkshakes, soft drinks, softy available etc.)
  8. Write a sript to create a digital clock.
  9. Create a web page using two image file which switch black and white one another as
    the mouse pointer moves over the image. Use the On Mouse over and On Mouse
    event, onDblclick handler
  10. Build a WWW page with an image and 3 buttons., Pick three favorite graphics, Label
    the buttons and make each one swap in the graphic you have chosen
  11. Create a frameset that has two frames, side by side.
  12. Make the left-hand frame contain a form with 3 radio buttons
  13. The buttons should be for three search engines:
    Yahoo (http://www.yahoo.com)
    Altavista (http://www.altavista.com)
    Infoseek (http://www.infoseek.com)
  14. When the user clicks on of the option buttons, the frame on the right hand side should be loaded with the right search engine.
    12.Write a program to implement Employee database with all validation

ASP Program (Exercises)

  1. Create a login form, to expire, if the user does not type the password within 100 seconds
  2. Create an employee database and manipulate the records using command object in ASP
  3. Develop an application to illustrate the usage of Request and Response Objects in ASP.
  4. Write an ASP program using Request Object to give the exact list of headers sent by the browser to the Web server.
  5. Create an Active Server Page to display the records one by one from a student database. The student database should contain roll no, name, marks & total.
  6. Design an ASP application that describes books in the Online Bookshop.(Use AD Rotator Component, Content Rotator Component, Content Linking Component)
  7. Create a document and add a link to it. When the user moves the mouse over the link it should load the linked document on its own (User is not required to click on the link).
  8. Create a document, which opens a new window without a toolbar, address bar, or a status bar that unloads itself after one minute.
  9. Create a document that accepts the user’s name in a text field form and displays the same the next time when the user visits the site informing him that he has accessed the site for the second time, and so on.

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