What is STEM?

Have you ever heard the word STEM? STEM field? People in STEM actually has the potential to earn quite larger money in their career compared to other fields. And it is a top-field, highly valued, and reputed field with equal difficulty and challenges. So what actually STEM is?

STEM is an abbreviated word, which expands to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Usually, people think of each one of them as a separate field. Against the common understanding, STEM is an interdisciplinary area or field that encompasses and integrates all 4 fields together. STEM is a cross-disciplinary field that acts on real-world problems, purely practical and applicative and not as an academic theory.

If you good at Maths, it is not enough, if you’re good at Engineering and Technology it is too not enough. You need to be in the intersection of all the 4 in some way possible. May be your expertise shared between the 4 fields in different proportions.

Keep tap on this STEM field, as the most valuable and paid jobs lies in this, so do the world’s best brains.


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