[App Intro] Explain Everything – A Digital Whiteboard app

Explain Everything! As the name carries the meaning as it is the purpose of the app. The app mimics the conventional whiteboard to the extend everything can be explained as it provides infinite whiteboard space or infinite canvas. For those who are new to whiteboard applications, the infinite canvas is something like there’s no border or limit for putting your content inside. As the elements added, the writing space increases. (OneNote is a good example)

The core value of the app is, it has the ability to record your screen while you draw (also records your voice) and can play it back like an animation tutorial. Don’t worry, it’s not a one-shot type recording, you can edit your recording with ease of few flicks of your mouse, and if you have Apple Pencil, the potential of the app multiplies.

Though it has a web version and android version, it plays perfectly on iPad rather than Desktop PC or Mac. If you own an iPad and Apple Pencil, it will be your default pick in the whiteboard app category.

Very little learning curve if your job is draw and present. In our test, we took a few trial and error approaches to master the editing of the recording. Other than that, the app is easy to use. In the free version, we could edit 3 boards which is more than enough to test the app’s potential.

Pricing: When we write this, it is $25/yr for individual teachers (for verified educators only) but the price lowers up to $9/yr if you buy it for a team of educators (by your school/university). The non-educator version is costlier. The Premium education version offers 1GB space, which is very low if you’re an avid teacher. In that case, you’ll be going for a $70/yr plan for 20GB. We recommend a free version (3 boards) for now.

Competition: It is a beefed-up version of Google’s Jamboard and Microsoft’s WhiteBoard. Educoholic recommends Explain Everything certainly over the tech giant’s products. We didn’t attempt to compare this app with Doodling and other whiteboard apps as this app have few over the peak collaboration feature and in-house hosting solution for the courses you record with this.

Suitability: K-12, Schools, Online courses, Complex concepts, Recorded Courses. Makers of this app claim it has a good collaboration feature, indeed it has, but we found no scenario to use it in teaching.

Visit ExplainEverything.com for more details. The app is worth trying.

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