[App Intro] Notion – A comprehensive workspace (wiki-style documenting)

Notion is fundamentally for digital creating and editing mixture of different document types at one place and meant to kept only digitally (not for printing). The second focus is on team collaboration, the document can be shared with different editing rights and collaboration. The third focus is, it has a file (folder structure) hierarchy as nested and it can any level deep. You can insert any type of data inside a document, pretty much anywhere (similar to OneNote).

In short: Basic functions from all Microsoft Office apps in Wiki (Wikipedia) style-structure aimed for collaboration and with more flexibility of adding info.

In June 2018, I have reviewed this app on alvistor.com. Before continuing, I recommend you to read that to know more.

Since my last review, the app gained more stability and API access and few Database View (you’ll know what I am talking about when you start using this app), still my ratings for this app stays unchanged.

Our team at Educoholic, using this app since the beginning. We highly recommend this for both educators and learners. Our experience with this app in taking lesson plans, notes, sharing resources, and planning projects of different kinds are extraordinary and reliable. Teaching members in our community find it as a must-have app. We get the same vibe from the digital learning community for managing their academic activities.

It has a bit of learning curve which is not that hard to learn for anyone who used Office Documents. Advanced databases are little tricky to use, but if you use it like a table, it is just a cake-walk to become comfortable in no time.

Premium version of Notion.so is completely free for Academia (both students and teachers) which usually costs $4/month. We strongly recommend using this.

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