Program code – Facebook signup page (additional programs in Web Technology)

This code is written in HTML5. This code shows facebook front page without any styles.

Example use of form input type “date” is presented with < input type =”Date”> tag and how it shows date picker can be seen in output.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Sign up for Facebok|Facebook</title>
    <p>Jump to<br>
    <a href="#">Selections of the page</a><br>
    <a href="#">Accessiibility help</a><br>
    Press alt + / to open this menu</p>
    <img src="" alt=""> 
<!-- You can get the image source with right click the facebook logo and get the logo address   -->
    <p>Create a new account<br>
        It's quick and easy.<br>
        An error occurred. Please try again.<br>
        We couldn't create your account<br>
        We were not able to sign you up for Facebook.<br>
        <input type="text"><br>
<input type="text"><br>
Mobile number or Email address<br>
<input type="email,number">
New password<br>
<input type="password"> <br>
    <!--month of brith option box-->
Date of brith <br>
<form action="/action_page.php">
  <label for="birthday"></label>
  <input type="date" id="birthday" name="birthday">
  <input type="submit">
    Your age<br>
    <input type="num" name="" id=""><br>
    <a href="#">Use date of brith</a><br>
    <input type="radio" name="" id="">
     <input type="radio" name="" id="">
     <input type="radio" name="" id="">
     <select name="" id="">
         <option value="">select pronoun</option>
         <option value="">She:Wish her a happy brithday!!!</option>
         <option value="">He:wish him a happy brithday!!!</option>
         <option value="">They:wish them a happy brithday</option>
        Your pronoun is visible to everyone. <br>
        Gender (optional) <br>
        <input type="text" name="" id="">
        <p>By clicking Sign Up, you agree to our <a href="">Terms, Data Policy</a>  and <a href=""> Cookie Policy.</a> You may receive SMS notifications from us and can opt out at any time.</p>
        <button>Sign up</button><br>
        <a href="">Already have an account?</a>

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