Effortlessly Send WhatsApp Messages with Image Attachments Using Python and Excel

Now a days we are connecting to our family and friends only through the WhatsApp that one platform to we use for sharing our messages and information.But in the organizations we have to share the WhatsApp message to our customers then how it possible? we don’t do that to send a message to one by … Read more

Is your resume 100 percent match the job description?

Are you fresher? Do you think your resume matches your applied job description? if you have confused about it then you can evaluate your resume with your applied job description. yeah it’s easy, just install <strong>’Jobalytics'</strong> extension in your PC chrome browser.. Step:1 First, we have to install the chrome extension on your PC go … Read more

Program Code – A countdown-backward watch

In this code, we use a simple HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT language. The CSS [Cascading Style Sheet] was a full-color vision of the project in the (#) symbol which contains the ID of the HTML elements, then the (.) symbol which contains the class of the HTML elements. the javascript code was used for the … Read more

Program Code- Mouse over event using ASP server.

The code was written in JavaScript.That program creates a link . Then the user can move the mouse on the link then it opens a new window. The button was created using the asp function. That program was should save into .aspx extension.

Program Code – Illustration of Request & Response Object.

The program code written in VBScript. That code could show the possible servers list. The Request query to ask the server then Response function to display the items in the screen.

Program code- Request & Response Object.

The program run on an ASP server. The Response and Request commands are used to request to the server. The <a> tag is used for creating a hyperlink if you click the Example it shows the results. The program to save in .asp or .aspx extension. It can run either Chrome or InternetExplorer.

Program Code – Create Cookies

The code was written in VBScript. The code is created as a cookie that calculated the number of times a user visits a particular page. This code was run into an ASP server. The syntax for if … then else :

Program code – Facebook signup page (additional programs in Web Technology)

This code is written in HTML5. This code shows facebook front page without any styles. Example use of form input type “date” is presented with < input type =”Date”> tag and how it shows date picker can be seen in output.

Program Code – Using Frames

This code is written in basic HTML(HyperText Markup Language). <iframe> tag The HTML <iframe> tag specifies an inline frame The src attribute defines the URL of the page to embed Always include a title  attribute (for screen readers) The height and width attributes specifies the size of the iframe After saving all the codes in the specified name, run Framemain.html to see the result.