Program Code – Sorting Numbers and Strings

Sorting numbers. We use built-in functions of javascript to sort the values ascending in an array.

Here, we create an array called “numbers” with values.

var numbers =["4","7","9","1"];

we use .sort() function to sort it. Before .sort() you should be adding the array variable. In this case,


This will sort the items in ascending order. To sort descending,

    <h1 align=" center"> Sorting Numbers and Strings</h1>
        <title>Sorting Numbers and Strings</title>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            var fruits =["Banana","Orange","Apple","Mango"];
            var numbers =["4","7","9","1"];

            document.writeln("Sorting fruits:"+fruits.sort() + "<br>");    
/*  This command is sort the fruits name in alaphabetic order */
/* you can use numbers.revese(); function to order the values in descending order */
            document.writeln("sorting numbers:"+numbers.sort()); 
 /*  This command is sort the numbers and print into the screen */
        <form action=""> </form>

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