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Why do we retain information better if write on paper instead of typing digital?

Why do we type to take notes? Why we are not writing like before? It takes more time to write than type something. It’s the faster way, yet flexible and more productive way. You can easily markdown, highlight and do everything digitally and carry that content anywhere.

Regardless of how well modern technology improved, still writing on paper (or on a similar surface) helps to retain more than typing on a computer/tablet.


Writing something by hand forces your brain to actually process information in a more detailed way.

The interaction takes more time while using a pen on paper. But it also creates more connections with you. More time, more connections. The more you dwell on a concept with more focus, it creates a channel to your mind. This channel helps you to pass the information intact to your brain.

While typing you don’t dwell like when you do with paper. You move on faster and in a snap, you don’t open that channel to your mind.

That’s all. Do you have a better way to explain? Please do. I like to hear 👂 .


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