How to find your colleague’s email ID if you’re using a Google Workspace account

If you’re using a Google Workspace account (email account within your company’s domain name) provided by your company, school or institution, then you may want to find the email ID (or contact details) of other people, colleagues to contact them.

If you try to share any document (Google docs, Google spreadsheet) within your domain, you could see the account names are auto-filled when you start typing the name of your colleague. Likewise, it auto-populates all the email ID’s when you compose an email using a Google Workspace email account.

But if you wish to see everyone’s contact details in one place, you call to go to and click the “Directory” tab in the left sidebar. This will show entire contacts within your organization.

Refer to the below screenshot.

If it is not available even after following the above steps, ask your company’s (or Institution’s) Google Workspace administrator to turn on the director sharing. The instructions are given here.

Tip: If you sign in to your Android mobile with your Organization’s account, all of your company’s directory contacts will be synced to your mobile’s Contacts app.

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