– Take Notes on Youtube Videos (easily)

Is it really possible to annotate a video? offers a solution close to that. provides an optimized note-taking flow from Youtube videos, especially with ease.

Youtube, more or less become a place for unofficial learning, the passivity of learning with Youtube videos made it a goto section of the internet for casual and serious learnings. Yet, for serious learning (especially if you want to retain the content of the video or to teach them later to others, to retain the fact for reference), referring a video is not enough.

Watching and learning is quite easy, but summarising a Youtube video, taking the concept out of the video without losing the context is the challenge. offers the abilities to

  • take live notes while the video is playing (can be paused)
  • mark the notes with the corresponding time of the video
  • utilize video transcript (from video or can be auto-generated) in the note-taking process
  • extract ‘text’ from ‘video’ (OCR functionality)
  • export your notes to your favorite app or format

The app runs inside your browser and focused only for desktop usage. Widescreen set up is recommended (if you’re planning to use regularly).

In our trials, the app worked as expected. For occasional note-taking and if you want to refer your notes back occasionally, then the free version is good to go. But if you avidly use Youtube as your source of learning and you need to collect those notes in a different app (other than then you should go for the premium.

The app is highly recommended, the free version is more than enough for casual note taking. The premium version enables you to export your notes, utilize auto-transcript and costs your $5/month.

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