Google is deleting inactive accounts. Do this to protect yours from permanent deletion.

Google updated its policies recently which will start to go into effect on June 1, 2021. This allows Google to delete your account if you’re not actively using its product (Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive) for 3 months. Do the following to keep your account safe.

setting your inactive threshold to longest

Go to your inactive account manager page and click start. In second step, Choose longest period (After 18 months of inactivity) for the question “Tell us how long we should wait before we do so.”

Your settings should look like the above screenshot at the end.
setting your recovery and secondary mail

In the next step, you will be asked to set recovery mail. (else use this link to set your recovery and secondary mails). Never under estimate this step. Any unpleasant things can happen in future that can kick you out of your own account. So provide at the least ‘one’ other emails of your own in this step.

setting friends & family for help

on the next step, (for question “Choose who to notify & what to share“) set at least ‘two’ of your friends and ‘two’ of your family members to notify if you by Google if your account is going to be deleted. In case you didn’t get the message, your friends might alert you.

setting to not to delete your account after inactive period
after setting, your option should look like this screenshot

Do NOT set this ON. Now review plan and finish the process.

Your account is safe now! share this to your friends and family to save their account from deletion by Google.

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