How to convert numbers to words in Google Spreadsheet (custom formula)

Why / For What? To change numbers to words. I often have to convert the marks to words and sometimes the money value to words. To convert the money value to words I use the add-on (available at Google Workspace marketplace) called NumberText. I wanted a similar feature but that doesn’t have to convert to … Read more

How to find your colleague’s email ID if you’re using a Google Workspace account

If you’re using a Google Workspace account (email account within your company’s domain name) provided by your company, school or institution, then you may want to find the email ID (or contact details) of other people, colleagues to contact them. If you try to share any document (Google docs, Google spreadsheet) within your domain, you … Read more

Why touch typing is essential for academia? and It’s NOT about speed.

Touch typing is all about the idea that each finger has its own area on the keyboard. Thanks to that fact you can type without looking at the keys. Touch typing is a method based on muscle memory instead of sight. Practicing to use specific fingers to press specific letters in the keyboard in such a way it only … Read more