How to access Mac notification centre with Mouse Gesture? Quickly and Easily.

Some prefer Magic Mouse or some 3rd party mouse to use with Mac / Macbooks while others prefer Magic Trackpad. Magic Mouse offers a bunch of gesture shortcuts for performing quick actions like Magic Trackpad. Yet Magic Mouse misses a few perks of Magic Trackpad’s gestures due to its form factor.

You can access (open) Mac’s notification centre with the swipe of two-finger from the right edge to left in a trackpad gesture. But Magic Mouse doesn’t offer anything like that. As I have to visit my notification centre frequently, I need a simple, quick, and easy way to open and see it.

One workaround I personally use is opening the notification centre by moving the mouse pointer to the hot corners.

I can now open the notification centre by just moving my mouse to the top-right corner instead of clicking on the ‘date – time’ to open it.

To set it up,

  1. Go to “Preference”
  2. Open “Desktop”
  3. Click on “Hot Corners” (find it on the bottom right side of the window)
  4. Select one corner (Top-right will be the most intuitive option)
  5. Scroll through the options and select “Notification Centre”

Done! Now try moving your mouse to the “Top-right” corner to open the Notification centre and do it again to close it.

Note: at the time of writing I am using macOS Monterey version 12.2.1. It almost works from v 12 to the latest version to date.

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